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Health Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be provided with a healthy Fennec Fox, free of any serious congenital diseases. According to the sales contract, you can return the Kit only in case of genetic disease detected.

Our Vision

To contribute to making the world a better place by making people understand the joy pets can bring into their lives.

Our Values

The care for our fennec Kits is our greatest priority. We raise happy foxes and give them up for sale. Fennec fox adoption

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Fennec Foxes for sale

Are you looking for a fennec fox for adoption?!. There are fennec foxes for sale here at fennec fox home.

  Here we are offering the best quality Fennec Foxes for sale 2024 online near me you can find anywhere else. As you buy  fennec fox online, you must be told, we’ve got 12 years of breeding experience, our philosophy or role is to make sure all our fennec foxes are loved and spoiled from the get-go, We strongly believe that a happy animal will give a family a happy experience too. These breeds occupy a big part of our hearts. It is always best to search so you can buy a fennec fox online near me, to be aware of the closest outlet. We don’t just breed and sell, they are our family too. Among the baby Fennec and the adult fennec and  you shall find exceptionally healthy kits with us here. We got fennec fox for sale cheap. Just search on Fennec fox breeders near me

About Fennec Fox for sale

  • The Fennec’s cuteness  comes in many background colors, ranging from cream white, rust, brown and orange to sand, buff and ivory. fennec beauty also vary in color, from rust to cream white. We always have some available baby foxes for sale. fennec fox for sale online is here for we kind all. 
  • Some Fennec foxes have a tender fur made up of more than one color, usually a secondary color forming a dark outlining to the spot. Fennec fox also come in a marbled pattern: one or more colors swirled into the background color. While most commonly seen in the light brown  pattern, they may also be found in the marbled pattern. Fennec fox breeders here for you.
  • Very necessary before you buy fennec fox online, you should know they are Omnivorous by nature as they feed on fruits as well as meat and fish. They so love melons, avocado, peach and more.

Why Buy From Us?

We are USDA licensed to breed every single one of our foxes. With a valid USDA license number we are legally approved to sale our foxes to interested individuals around the globe.

When fennec foxes were first imported about 70 years ago they all came from the one shipment and just the one successful breeder at first. Then people loved their fennecs so thought it would be fun to breed them. That’s all well and good on the surface but this quickly shrunk the gene pool into a genetic bottle neck. So a person may have bought their fennecs from two different breeders and thought all was good, but they very well could be first cousins if both breeders of the parents got them from the same source. Now those grandparents may also have been first cousins because of the same scenario.

We solely nitch on breeding Fennec specie of exotic pet. This brings us to other reason you should buy from us because clients sometimes don’t hear back from breeders, assuming the breeder is still active, is due to it being off season. As many of the breeders also breed other animals or exhibit their animals. This means they are always busy and are more likely to answer closer to kit season. With us you can count on us all through. Just mail us and we provide you a detail on how we go through.

Buy Fennec Fox Online


100% money back guarantee on our Fennec Foxes. Any fox shipped to you with any complications gets your funds refunded


With Fennec fox home, putting a smile on your face is our priority. Our well-trained Kits will keep you and you family happy 


Security on our deals is assured. Best know whatever details you leave on our site stays between you and us

Everything For Pets

At Fennec Fox Home, you could buy fennec fox online and take a fresh approach. We have a well home trained fennec fox and all the food and supplies they need to be happy, healthy fennec fox. Just step inside our doors  you’ll enter a true fox lover’s paradise.

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We Offer offer delivery both across Europe and America. right to your home in Canada , Germany, UK, Sweden, Italy and USA. You could buy fennec fox UK territory and western Europe. you will find get it delivered to you within 5 business days as we are located in the states. Baby fennec fox for sale at our shop.


We offer premium shipping to people who require their pet arrive quicker than usual also we guarantee our clients on healthy medical conditions. We invite you to browse our site and select your favorite available kit and fill out your purchase order using our online or printable order form. 


For all those in illegal states, be rest assured that the delivery is private and secure. Also all our transactions and clients information are a hundred percent classified. We are the Only best place to get a healthy and well doing fennec fox.



They enjoy ripping things apart, so your home will need to be baby-proofed. They are extremely high-energy, nocturnal, animals. They are the most social of all foxes and need an outlet for that endless energy. They are alert and very aware of their surroundings, ready to react to anything.




In warmer climates, a large outdoor enclosure can be an ideal way to both house your fennec and provide room for exercise. Exercise is essential for these energetic animals. Indoor play can be high-spirited and can result in broken items. When planning for indoor fennec activity it’s important to note that unneutered males will spray urine to mark their territory. If outdoor walks are more suited to your lifestyle, with some time and lots of patience fennecs can be trained to walk outdoors on a leash. We got available fox fennec for sale at our pet shop.


Bath Time:


Fennec foxes shed, and therefore need to be brushed regularly. However, they are excellent groomers and generally keep themselves clean, only needing a bath when necessary. Baby wipes can be used as a quick way to get any dirty bits off without having to do a full bath.


When using shampoo or flea products be sure it is safe for a cat or kitten. Check the age and weight on the product and compare to your fennec. Their systems are more delicate like a cat because of their size even though they are in the canine family.



Occasional nail trimming prevents scratches if needed


Living with a Fennec Fox:


These foxes communicate using many different vocalizations, including whimpers, barks, shrieks, squeaks, growls, howls, and chatters. Fennecs are very vocal animals even when they are content. They are also very social and live in groups in the wild.


They are known for marking their territory with urine. Fennec foxes are intelligent and don’t take to most commands. You won’t be teaching yours to sit, stay, or not jump on your furniture. Because they are naturally perpetually alert and attentive, they are easily distressed by loud noises and unexpected events.


Remember to locate a vet experienced with exotics that is willing to see your baby before you get your baby. Before the big day, schedule an appointment for your baby to be seen within 72 hours for our health warranty to be effective. Have your vet give a general examination and let them get familiar with you and your baby in case of an emergency or routine visits in the future. You should take your baby in yearly for annual checkups. When you use keywords like Fennec fox for sale New York or fennec fox Texas for sale we will probably pop up as the well recognized persons.





Like dogs, fennecs will need routine examinations and vaccinations to stay healthy. Fennecs can carry rabies, and you will need to have yearly exams as well as heartworm and flea prevention.


Fennec Foxes are prone to many of the diseases we see in dogs.


Their bones are extremely fragile, and extreme precautions should be taken to protect them from sprains, breaks, and other injuries. We have fennec fox for sale here at fennec fox home.


There may be times when your fennec has a minor injury or the power goes out. Having a small emergency kit with some helpful items can make all the difference.


What to include in an emergency kit?

  • Hand warmers

  • Bottled water

  • Extra food stash

  • Paper towels

  • Nail clippers

  • Tweezers

  • Q-tips

  • Hydrogen Peroxide/Neosporin

  • Pedialyte

  • Quick-stop, corn starch, flour


Some common illnesses include:

  • Kidney disease

  • Liver disease

  • Heart disease

  • Pneumonia

  • Skin infections – mites/fleas

  • Eye infections

  • Intestinal parasites

  • Dental disease

  • Histoplasmosis – lung infection


Major red flags:

  • Blood in urine or feces

  • Foaming at the mouth

  • Constant shaking

  • Lethargy/confusion

  • Vomiting – for no obvious reason

  • Falls/breaks

  • Trouble breathing

  • Severe diarrhea

  • Sneezing/nasal discharge

  • Paralysis

fennec fox For Sale

How to purchase a baby Fennec Fox from


First, research our website and join our online community to learn

about Fennec Fox care and ownership 

Then, establish or find a vet who is experienced in their care


Follow us for available pet alert and place a deposit  when you are prepared for one.

Fun Facts

  • They are the smallest fox species

  • They can run up to 20 miles an hour

  • They can jump up to 2-3 feet and leap a distance of 4 feet

  • Fennec foxes are monogamous and mate for life

Why we Frequently Sell Baby Foxes

Location only matters if you plan to pick the kit up. We are willing to ship our kits. Kits can not be shipped if not weaned. We will not sell a kit that is not weaned and, as tempting as it most buyers want to get that baby, I do not recommend getting an unweaned kit. They are too fragile for novice hands.


Similarly I do not recommend buying an older fox that is being rehomed.