Fennec Fox Indepth Pet Guide

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Lifespan: Live up till 12 years




A Fennec Fox natural diet consists of small rodents, insects, birds, eggs, and rabbits. A captive diet consists of half a cup of Blue Buffalo cat food kibble, chicks, raw or boiled eggs, fruits such as apples and bananas, crickets, mice, and raw meat. Buy fennec fox online.


Fennec Foxes can’t have chocolate, fruit cores, artificial sweeteners, or grapes. You should feed your Fennec Fox twice a day, as overfeeding can lead to serious health issues. Do not free-feed your juvenile fennec fox. You should be feeding portioned sizes.


Size in Adulthood: 9-16 inches long and about 3 pounds.

Getting Started:

  1. Large cage

  2. Bedding – hay

  3. Travel cage/harness

  4. Food

  5. 2 food dishes – One for dry food and one for wet food

  6. Water bottle

  7. Toys and cage accessories

  8. Blankets

  9. Heat pad – for winter months

  10. Litter box – optional

  11. Playpen – optional


Cage Requirements:


Before bringing your Fennec Fox home, you should have its habitat ready if possible. The bigger the cage the better and outside is best. However, fennecs are desert animals and as such need to be kept warm. They should only be kept outdoors in areas that do not go below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. They need enough space for jumping, running, and enrichment to keep them entertained. Also, provide them with lots of cage accessories and toys. When building an outdoor enclosure, you’ll want to create a space that won’t allow them to either dig under the cage. This means the enclosure should have a “floor” of some kind. Fennec foxes especially enjoy large tree limbs or wooden platforms to climb, and soft sand or dirt to dig in. They can be litter trained, so you may also want to get a small litter box. Buy fennec fox online.


Out of cage playtime:

  • Be careful of anything they can squeeze under or behind

  • Be sure anything in your fennecs reach is safe and non-toxic

  • Be aware of household hazards

  • Keep an eye on them!

Household hazards:

  • Air freshener, candles, cleaning chemicals, and sprays

  • Make sure to clean up any dead bugs around the house that might have been killed by pesticides.

  • Any space your fennec can squeeze into may create a potential issue or hazard.

  • Open windows and doors

  • Holes in cabinets, holes in walls, or holes near plumbing fixtures.

  • Outlets/wires




These tiny babies are very quick and extremely energetic. While they can be playful, they do generally enjoy being held or stroked and prefer to be cuddled. 


Most fennecs allow their owners to pick them up, but they also seem to enjoy it that much. If you are looking for a little cuddle bug to lay in your lap and watch TV with you, our trained fennec pet is probably the right animal for you. They would rather have you watch them play. Buy fennec fox online.

Finding a Breeder

You have gotten an enclosure set up, a vet lined up,  and are ready to bring a fennec kit home. Now what?

Some people I have heard from have run out and gotten on every breeder’s waiting list they could find and it still took them a few years to get a fennec.

Others often complain of never getting replies from breeders. I think the fault there lays mostly in the buyer not being prepared but I’ll get to that later. 

It is not advisable to buy your kit from someone who is not USDA licensed to breed. You need make sure that breeders are licensed. Buy fennec fox online.

If you can not find the breeder with  a valid USDA license number then do not buy from them as your fennec might not be well and properly trained from its linage. Reason why we stand as a better option for you to get your Kits from. Buy fennec fox online.

You will want to ask your breeder about your kits lineage. Where his parent and grandparents came from. This may seem trivial and invasive but is actually very important. Buy fennec fox online.

Genetic diversity is important for health and freedom from genetic disease. They should understand if a good breeder and not mind the question at all. We do provide ours via email once requested by a potential client who shows interest in purchasing one of our foxes. We then interact with them on Phone and Skype.  Buy fennec fox online.

Which goes along with the never hearing from a breeder issue. If you have any form or questions to ask, feel free expressing it so we give you more understanding about fennecs.  Asking questions you should already know the answers too can hurt you but asking well thought out questions you can’t know like lineage.

We turn out to be picky about the homes our kits go to so we can ensure the home is a good one that will last a lifetime. Buy fennec fox online.


Here, we keep our list of available foxes updated.