Hey Betram,

   We were given our fennec Kits, and they may be simply cute as we were instructed they’ll be, continually looking to play and prepared for a walk. I so much love this toddlers. Thanks a lot to you and your operating crew.


Camille is so so so adorable and lovable. constantly. I love her a lot and my mum simply can not take her off her website online. She is adorable and i will in all likelihood come for any other fox Kit due to the fact one will no longer be enough.

Hi there,

Thanks for such a cutie, it has not been long yet he loves me already. Continually sticking around looking to play. I really like him so much and taking him from you guys turned into a great move.

Hello Mate.

Happy New year and that i desire this unearths you and the own family in radiant fitness and proper cheer. As in preceding emails we said we had been searching into getting a female little sister for our expensive Ryder who can be 4 now in July! he is the fine component that ever got here into our lives and he has turn out to be such an amazing fox on all stages imaginable. I’ve been taking him round to hospitals and aged centers as a consolation fennecs to folks who need his mild methods and kisses. He brightens the lives of so many in pain and loneliness. Its outstanding how many peoples lives are touched by using his demeanor and gentleness. …benefits you all and deliver my excellent to Monique..

Hi Bertram,

Jolie is such an outstanding fennec fox! She’s any such love! She stayed in her travel crate all of the manner home. We failed to get home until 6 pm however there was rarely a whimper. … She is getting used to her sluggish consume bowls and it’s an amazing element we are using them due to the fact I suppose she’d inhale her meals. She has no longer had one accident within the house or in her crate. She didn’t cry thru the night time however most effective whimpered once! She was up at 1 am, four am and 6 am and seems to are becoming the “potty” phrase down. She even pooped after breakfast! we’ve got toys and an elk antler for her and she’s starting to play with them. She chews the antler and then backs away and barks at it. She’s so lovely! right now she’s worn-out and drowsing between her toys. She’s so very perfect for us and we thanks a lot for the extremely good beginning you’ve got given her! Hugs, Mary and Joe.

Hi Fennec Fox Home,

Nico in Northern California. Rena, each day we rejoice our Fennec Kit and we can constantly be grateful to you both, for bringing Nico to us. He’s the affection of our life! Denise and Michael.

Hello Kyle,

 It has been years considering we sent you any pictures of Kenzie who became the only woman within the large clutter of boys on July 27, 2016. Simply wanted to can help you recognize this cat is brilliant. She is without a doubt the sweetest pleasant fennecs fox we could have requested for and is this kind of blessing to our family. We like her to portions and she is obsessed with crammed animals. Thanks for those fantastic fox. Hope you are well. truly, Shannon & Ryan


Vampa continues to convey such joy to our lives. He is so patient…like letting the ladies play get dressed up and ready patiently for his kitties’ cupcake on his fifth birthday even as we took a ton of photographs! He also is completely his daddy’s cat as Keoki’s favorite issue in existence, even above meals, is swimming in the lake. This boy will no longer go away the water the whole time we’re there! ultimate time there were a few pretty accurate size waves and Keoki nevertheless stored swimming and then turning returned for more. One woman approached me and said “I assume he’s having more fun than absolutely everyone else right here!” So proper!!! whilst we walk the shore looking for Indian beads, he’ll swim in the water alongside aspect us however received dare get out! he’s absolutely Moses’ boy!! thanks once more for this stunning, sweet, patient, water loving boy!